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The Last Sail


All of the stories told in this novel are based on actual events experienced on cruise ships.

To connect these dramatic stories, a fictitious character named Scot Armstrong becomes an employee of a cruise line. Eventually, Scot works his way up the ranks and becomes a cruise ship captain to guide you along this journey.

​Wild sex, heinous crime, and various outlandish events occur on cruise ships. This book exposes the stories that will entertain and enlighten even the most experienced traveler.​

Join multiple voyages, including on the Odessa, the world's largest cruise ship, and get a glimpse behind the scenes when you step beyond the smoke and mirrors these mega-ships create.

Write what you know and don't quit your day job.

William J. Coughlin

New York Times best selling author


As someone who read manuscripts and galley copies of books prior to their publication in order to determine if our company would purchase them (or not), I would devour anywhere from 10-14 books per week.  If the first six chapters of your book are any indication of what's to come, you have a story not only worthy of being published, but also of becoming a bestseller!!!!

Heather Hall (Beta Reader)

Retired publishing executive


This manuscript was a fun read - so much so that I paused editing some chapters simply to see what happened next, then came back to edit once I had my answers!

Copy Editor

Elite Authors


In Pat’s conversations with men and women he found two areas of curiosity.  The men wanted to know about the business side of the Cruise Line Industry and the women wanted to know about the people.  This novel satisfies both curiosities, in an intertwined venue that will grip any of the two types of readers, in this “CAN’T PUT IT DOWN” book!

This book is based on a fictitious character, Scot Armstrong, who’s early broken heart leads him into depression.   He overcomes his situation by throwing himself into the unknown as an underpaid and overworked cruise line employee.  What he experiences will shock the reader!  

Jim Petitpren (Beta Reader)

CEO The PRA Group

I enjoyed it very much! It is a bit on the racy side for some. I thought it was very well written and quite entertaining. Only problem is I can’t wait for the next two books. I learned a lot that I never dreamed would be going on behind the scenes.

Mary H. (Beta Reader)                                                                Avid cruise traveler, Inverness, Florida


© 2022 by Patrick T. Coughlin

I finished THE LAST SAIL in 1 1/2 days and I enjoyed it very much.  I decided that I never tipped the cabin stewards enough. I also never realized that the cruise lines offered those wild sex cruises.  Darn, I missed out. Now i’m too old. LOL.  I wish you the very best of luck and will recommend THE LAST SAIL to my friends.

Joyce F. (Beta Reader)                                                                Experienced traveler, St. Clair, Michigan


I absolutely loved the book. Finished it the first time and loved it so much, I’m on chapter 22 re-reading it for the second time. Your ability to tell the story is amazing. Outstanding work !!!! It will be a hit !!!

Jim S. (Beta Reader)                                                                Business owner, St. Clair, Michigan


Thank you for the opportunity to read your manuscript, The Last Sail. I enjoyed it so much. Having been on several past cruises, each lasting from a few days, to 2 weeks, I could relate to many of the stories in your book and enjoyed reliving my memories of delightful places we visited. 

I knew a bit about the life of the staff on board the ship, as we always make a point to get to know our cabin stewards, wait and bar staff. But learning more of their life behind the scenes was quite interesting. Also, reading the chapters about the specialty cruises was so eye-opening, to say the least.  Thank for a good read. Looking forward to the next two books

Margaret S. (Beta Reader)                                                          Experienced traveler, St. Clair, Michigan


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