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Patrick T. Coughlin is the founder of Yellow Emerald Mining Company and President of
American Diamond Importers. He and his wife Marga operate Coughlin Jewelers, a family-
owned jewelry store in their hometown of St. Clair, MI.

For nearly three decades, Patrick has extensively traveled around the world searching for
diamonds and gemstones. In 2009, while on a trip to Brazil, Patrick jumped at the opportunity to get lowered into a hand-dug hole that reached 1200 feet below the Earth’s surface. Barely able to breathe or see, he was awestruck by what he discovered. A pocket of high-quality yellow-to-gold gemstones was gently tucked into the Earth’s crust; their beauty was breathtaking. After successfully test marketing the product in Michigan, the Yellow Emerald Mining Company was born and began operating in 2010.

The cruise ship industry embraced this rare gemstone the same year. It offered the ability for the newly discovered company to do trunk shows and debut the newly discovered gemstone on all of the major cruise lines. With well over five hundred cruises that highlighted the sale of these gemstones, thousands of fascinating stories emerged about life at sea.

Following the footsteps of his late father, Hon. William J. Coughlin, Patrick started writing to alleviate the stress of the new daily grind. Patrick’s tales feature the unique predicaments you may find yourself in while sailing on cruise ships- the good, the bad, and the unheard of.

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