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Table of Contents

1) Take Me Far Away (Getting away from dark, grey and gloomy skies)

2) Delta, Delta, Delta (Code names used for emergencies – drills vs. reality)

3) Smoke and Mirrors (Everything is not always as it appears)

4) The First to Die (The reality when a real emergency occurs)

5) Girlfriend Onboard / Zombie Wives (Balancing time with girlfriends and wives)

6) The Crew Bar (Get the party started)

7) On the Fast Track (Moving up the corporate ladder)

8) Revenue, Revenue, Revenue (Daily meetings with all departments to find the whales)

9) Rough Seas Ahead (Signs that bad weather is coming)

10) The Beatings Will Continue until the Morale Improves (Low wages, long hours)

11) You Never Know Who You Will Meet (With 24 million people cruising annually, surprises arise) 12) Three Types of Passengers (Newlywed, overfed and nearly dead)

13) No Room in the Morgue (The ice cream freezer)

14) Sexual Advancement (Replacing the corporate ladder with an erotic escalator)

15) The Ship is Going Down (Cabin flooding in the middle of the night)

16) Dismemberment and Dancing (Stories from a music charter cruise)

17) The Chocolate Penis (Miscommunication between ship and land)

18) Port Shopping (The truth about shopping)

19) Medic! (Accidents happen on every voyage)

20) You’re a Naughty Girl; You Need a Spanking (You won’t find this cruise at your local travel agency)

21) Sex Ed for Swingers (If you think you know it all, you don’t!)

22) Sailing Away into the Depths of Debauchery (Bringing erotic play to a whole new level)

23) Maria, You’re Such a Bitch (Hurricane season rears its ugly head)

24) As Fate Would Have It (The Last Supper)

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