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Chapter 17: The chocolate penis

Updated: May 19, 2022

Miscommunication between ship and land

Page 140-141, Chapter 17:

On one of the islands we visit, a Belgian chocolatier that the ships promote as the finest place to indulge in creamy, savory, melt-in-your-mouth delight. During one of the ship’s visits, the port and shopping guide told Clara, the owner, to get ready, as there was a gay cruise scheduled to land there in two weeks.

The chocolatier was excited at the opportunity to provide a chocolate novelty for these special guests. As an artist, she brainstormed creative ideas. She intended to deliver the three thousand gay men’s ideal treat to indulge in as an ultimate, unique, and enjoyable experience. The lightbulb moment arrived…she would make a realistic-looking eight-inch black cock masterpiece, complete with throbbing veins and skin draping around the massive shaft. She created a white cock with extra-thick cream, greasy butter, and natural vanilla from Tahiti to please every unique taste.

The envy of any man, her creation was complete. Clara produced eight hundred chocolate sensation cocks, spending countless hours pouring four hundred pounds of handmade chocolate into dozens of molds.

Extracting the first one from the mold, Clara could not hold back her excitement and quickly went next door to show Bruce, her gay friend. Bruce is always passionate about her artistry and never afraid to tell her his thoughts.

“Oh honey, these are going to sell.” He said with a wink. “They please both the palate and the eye. Do I get to keep this one?” stroking it gently with a devilish smirk.

In preparation for arrival, she hired additional staff to remove her fancy truffles and replace them with her “cocky sensations,” displayed in the curved glass showcases. To entice an eager crowd, she created an ad campaign to ensure that informing each guest about what was waiting at her store.

The ship arrived at 8:00 a.m., with the first wave of passengers hitting the deck a half-hour later. Her staff and she were prepared for early customer arrivals and long lines, anticipating the ongoing ringing of the cash register. Already concerned by nine, she panicked by eleven, pacing inside and outside the store and trying to spot customers.

Not a single customer had come in, and the stack of unused, newly folded boxes was still untouched. At noon when the port and shopping guide arrived, she screamed, “Where are they? I have invested so much, and none of your guys have come!”

Surrounded by hundreds of chocolate cocks, the port shopping guide laughed and said, “Oh, darling, fucking hell,” with his British accent.

She cried, “This isn’t funny, it’s bullshit. Why aren’t your guys buying?”

Shocked at being surrounded by all her creations, he replied, “Why in bloody hell would you make chocolate cocks?”

Stunned, she pondered back, “Why not?”

That’s when he explained the situation. Unable to contain himself, he said, “Holy fuck! Darling, I’m here with lesbians, not gay guys.”

She wailed, “Oh my God, I was told it was a gay cruise.”

“A gay cruise, yes, just no men on board,” was his smug reply, dying with laughter that he kept inside himself, shaking his head while walking out of her shop.

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