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Chapter 22: Sailing away into the depths of debauchery

Bringing erotic play to a whole new level

Page 187-188, Chapter 22:

The Sail Away party during the first day of a swingers’ cruise is just the warm-up for new passengers who share the same eagerness to get out of the box to live in an “anything goes” world. A live band waits on the top deck while the bartenders are furiously pouring spectacular drinks to get the party started. It’s exciting as new faces notice the hot bodies, making cruisers’ veins bubble with excitement. These passengers know that everyone on board has similar fantasies and fetishes that most people only dream of, with very few getting to experience it firsthand.

Imagine combining the ’70s hit TV show Fantasy Island with The Love Boat in an X-rated version. Just about anything anyone on board can think of is waiting for them during the next seven days. The only thing that would make this type of cruise better is to have Ricardo Montalbán, the actor from the TV show Fantasy Island, as the cruise director with his alluring and seductive voice announcing daily activities.

Instead, the captain’s voice comes over the loudspeaker, just as the ropes are being untied from the dock. “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our pleasure to serve you and have you as our guests for the next seven exciting days of fun and games. However, we do ask, as we are in port and just setting sail, to be respectful of the residents and boaters of Fort Lauderdale. Please give us forty-five minutes to clear the shoreline; then clothing will be optional. Meanwhile, please wear proper attire or bathing suits. Once we have reached a distance from the shore, your cruise director, Dante, will make the optional clothing announcement. Until then, please enjoy the party and the unique lifestyle experience while on board the ship.”

The Sail Away party lasts until the sun dips into the horizon while the bright moon is waiting to shed some romantic light on the impatient lovers below. The first evening party awaits guest participation. It is called the White Night, with all dressed in anything white, from thongs to formal wear. If it’s white, it’s right. At all the events, he or I had to be present, along with our entertainment staff, providing unique events and games and keeping them running smoothly while appearing as if we did this week after week. There were dance contests that made the white outfits glisten with sweet sweat pouring out from every erotic pore. We wore white, but our sweat-soaked shirts were not from the physical activity of dancing. I could relate to the bull elephants in Africa who sweat profusely when they can’t mate. I didn’t have the big floppy ears to flap to keep cool, as every sexual nerve ending on my body was on fire, working for the highly sexual crowd.

For those who weren’t interested in dancing, there were water balloon games. We instructed the waiters to dance and shake bottles of champagne as a means of providing additional ways to get wet. By the end of the evening, whatever clothes remained on were seen through quite quickly, setting up the first party-all-night-long experience for erotic lovers.

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